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Grub boots only from floppy

We're having the following problem:

On a P-II with adaptec SCSI drive, we have linux and NT. Using a grub
floppy, we can boot into both. When we install grub 

install= (fd0)+1 (hd0) (hd0,1)/boot/grub/stage2 0x8000 p 

(where hd0,1 = sda1 holds the linux root filesystem, with stage2 residing
in /boot/grub, along with menu.lst), no error is given. However, on
booting (after installation), the system hangs aftere BIOS check ... we
don't get as far as the menu. No error message is displayed.

At the command line, grub recognizes hd0,0 (NT) and hd0,1 (ext2). It also
recognizes them when we replace hd0 by 0x80, but not with 0x8000. We tried
installation with the address 0x80, but no difference.

Any ideas as to what we're doing wrong ?

  Vasisht Reddy.	
  Vaibhav Vaish.

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