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Re: Newbie hurdsman problems

On Sat, Feb 06, 1999 at 02:25:37PM +0000, M.C. Vernon wrote:
> > Also, please link the install files from alpha, so they are always up to
> > date.
> So you've grabbed the alterations I did? 

#   14 Jan 1999 - v0.1 Matthew Vernon <mcv21@cam.ac.uk>
#        Edited to deal with the removal of the /usr -> / symlink
#        This should work with or without the symlink

And so on? Are there more? Please mail me your current files and I will diff

> > This is plain wrong. /bin/vi is still broken.
> That is a feature :)

*laugh* Emacs on the other hand works fine ... :)

BTW, add a line like

echo hostname.org > /etc/mailname

so emacs doesn't complain at start up.


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