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SCSI Problem with the MACH kernel

Since you guys have done so much good work with hurd0.3 I thought I'd install it again.
I decided to take the simple approach, and downloaded Marcus's gnu-19990104.tar.gz

Well that all went fine, I made a ext2 -o hurd partion and untarred it.
I booted using the hurd (which I already use for linux), and mach started up.
Unfortunately after it recognised my aic7xxx driver, it identified my first
scsi disk and just hung.

I reckon I've booted the mach kernel and the hurd on this machine before,
so I think there must be something wrong with the specific kernel Marcus has packaged.
Where can I get annother mach kernel to try. Or should I compile one myself.
I'd prefer a precompiled and known good one, but if I have to do it myself has
someone written a howto on how to cross compile it from my linux machine?

My computer is a dual 233PII, with an onboard adaptec UW scsi controller. 
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