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uploaded egcs 2.91.60-2.1


I am currently uploading egcs, and I hope everything works and it will be
installed in the archive. Building it was a pain, because the Debian scripts
are slightly broken. Oh well.

Thanks to Mark I could fix a problem with float.h
Thanks to Mark I fixed the specs file, too.

There are no known issues with this package, so I consider -2.1 finalized
for now (until you come with new bug reports).

Do not write me about missing _G_config.h when trying to compile C++ stuff.
It is a libc issue, and should be fixed in libc0.2-dev.

Known slight problems:
* The shlibs file are a bit messed up, but it should find libstdc++2.9
* libg++ package is useless, you need -dev package too (only .a file is
  provided). Doesn't harm because libg++ is crippeling away anyway.

Together with my perl and findutils packages, I have fixed the worst
brokenness of the archive (module dpkg). dpkg requires the dpkg maintainers
and the policy maintainers to wake up, I will try to get a huge alarm clock.


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