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my GRUB patches

Hi, Erich.

The GRUB patch that will soon be available from
has a number of IMO important changes (attached).

If your changes between 0.5 and your current sources are less
extensive, would you mind sending me a diff, so that I can merge them
into mine, and then we'll have a GRUB with the latest and greatest

I was hoping you'd release some code a week ago, but since that didn't
happen, I just continued working on 0.5.  The next thing I'm going to
look at is implementing symlink support.


 Gordon Matzigkeit <gord@fig.org> //\ I'm a FIG (http://www.fig.org/)
    Lovers of freedom, unite!     \// I use GNU (http://www.gnu.org/)
[Unfortunately, www.fig.org is broken.  Please stay tuned for details.]

1999-02-14  Gordon Matzigkeit  <gord@trick.fig.org>

	* shared_src/shared.h: (addr32, data32): Delete definitions.

	* stage1/stage1.S: Modify to use GAS's new .code16 semantics.
	shared_src/asm.S: Likewise.

	* configure: Test to see if the `addr32' instruction is supported.
	Ian Lance Taylor says that GAS's interpretation of `.code16' has
	changed.  Older versions always generated 32-bit code, but
	implicitly inserted addr32 and data32 when .code16 was given.
	Newer versions generate 16-bit code, and require manual addr32 and
	data32 overrides.

	* shared_src/shared.h: Add some assertions to check that buffer
	addresses are properly defined.

1999-02-12  Gordon Matzigkeit  <gord@trick.fig.org>

	* shared_src/stage2.c (run_menu): Pause if we failed to boot both
	the default and fallback entries.

	* configure: Check to make sure that GAS actually honors .code16

1999-02-02  Gordon Matzigkeit  <gord@trick.fig.org>

	* shared_src/asm.S: Fix typo that called interrupt 0xd (decimal
	13) instead of 0x13.

1998-10-23  Gordon Matzigkeit  <gord@trick.fig.org>

	* configure: Accept `--host' as a synonym for `--target', and
	accept a non-optional argument as the target name.  Join the
	prefix to the tool name with a hyphen.

	* shared_src/disk_io.c (print_fsys_type): Always print the
	partition type.

	* shared_src/stage2.c (run_menu): Check to make sure that the
	fallback entry is nonnegative.
	(run_menu): For consistency, use `e' rather than enter to edit the
	command entry.

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