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Re: third attempt of an idiot?

On Sun, Feb 28, 1999 at 09:33:12PM +0100, Emmanuel Michon wrote:
> Well,
> i failed once more at getting the shell with the HURD :-(
> * I tried with the idiot's guide, and fetched all the .debs.
> I corrected some errors in the scripts cross-install
> and dpkg-hurd, since on my box, the equality test with
> ``test'' utility is 
> [ foo = foo ] and not [ foo == foo ]
> I use bash and I really wonder how it can work on another
> linux box.

This must be a typo. Can you send me a patch? Version number would also be

> This corrected, the scripts ends ok and says ``boot hurd and
> run native-install.''
> When stopping GRUB with ``c'', 
> root=(hd0,0) says ext2fs
> kernel=/boot/gnumach root=hd0s1 -s says disk geometry error.

Make sure your BIOS reckognizes the hard disk with less than 1024 cylinders,
for example, use LBA mode.
> * I also tried gnu-19990104.tar.gz,
> root=(hd0,0) says ext2fs
> kernel=/boot/gnumach root=hd0s1 -s, module=/boot/serverboot, boot are 
> accepted and gnumach begins probing devices on the PC, just
> like linux does.
> I really do not understand why the first attempt complains
> about a geometry error and not this one, since the geometry
> *is* the same.

Uh. That's really strange.
> Then, it gets frozen (the keyboard is frozen) just after
> scsi detected 0 total. I don't know if it's a good explanation,
> but if hurd's boot process looks like linux's, just
> after this, linux usually makes the partition check. So I wonder
> if this panic is not a consequence of my partition table
> which has extended partitions (if this is a trouble.)

Maybe GNU Mach contains too much drivers. Gordon, can you check the
configure line of GNU Mach package debian/rules files and look if you can
adjust it to fit for more systems?


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