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Re: GRUB maintainership

Gordon Matzigkeit <gord@trick.fig.org> wrote:

>  EB> More seriously, the most recent version of LILO that I have
>  EB> doesn't appear to support this in the first sector at all.  Which
>  EB> version are you talking about?  (or am I just dense?)
> Note that Roland isn't talking about having his boot loader appear
> above 504MB, he's talking about his kernel.
> I don't think anybody expects GRUB's stage1 to support LBA, etc, but
> definitely the stage2 could (and should) support it.

Yeah, I thought that might have been what he meant, but I wanted to be
sure (having the full bootloader support such arbitrary locations on the
disk would be cool...  I've already solved the translation problem, why
not go all the way?  ;).

Anyway, I have the stage1.5/stage2 supporting the extended BIOS calls.
There are various solutions (such as hiding a stage1.5 in the area after
the MBR but before the first partition) that would work well for arbitrary
sized disks.

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