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hurd isnt finding servers.boot

hello all .. i have a newbie hurd problem

right after typing boot at the grub console it started scrolling all the
mach kernel stuff
it got to the com ports .. it showed me its dos equivalents.. then it
says the following

/dev/hd0s1/boot/servers.boot: not found
Cant open server boot script /dev/hd0s1/boots/servers.boot: 5001
Server boot script? [/dev/hd0s1/boot/servers.boot]

im using the tarball on alpha.gnu.org/gnu/hurd/contrib/marcus
and i followed the iditots guide to the letter.

relevant information
linux partition = /dev/hda1 = /dev/hd0s0 (hurd)
hurd partition = /dev/hda2 = /dev/hd0s1 (hurd)

any other questions feel free to email or contact me on irc (opn) as
thanks in advance

debian gnu/linux user (potato power) .. is hurd next?


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