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RE: Gordbert, the evil HR director [was: Hurd PPP]

> > So, Brent, you're free to tell us that getting PPP working is a
> > priority, and I agree with you, but we simply don't have people who
> > can work on it right now.  The only solution is to wait until some of
> > the active hackers clear things off their plate, or else (better),
> > find somebody who wants to get involved, point them in my direction,
> > and let me figure out how they can help.
> >
> Well, that's the reason this is posted to debian-hurd, and not bug- or
> help-hurd.  I don't want to place this issue in front of them at the moment.
> I do not for a minute doubt that the core hurd developers are working hard
> on critical issues.  And I do not for a minute think that they are ignoring
> PPP for any reason except their high workload. :)

Unfortunatly, most of the debian-hurd people (like myself) are working on
hurd things (Gordon forgot the idiot's guide in my case, which marcus has
just submitted bug reports about)



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