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Booting into Win95 [was: Re: GRUB maintainership]

> Windows wasn t in the list of the supported Os I would like to know what are the
> parameters
> to use to do it. (An idiot guide entry about it will be welcome too)

If you have an ext2 partition to hold your stage2 &config file
(menu.lst), it's possible to boot into Windows (I'm using Grub for 95,
don't know about NT/Dos) Here's the entry in my menu.lst:

title=	Win95
root=	0x8000
chainloader= 	+1

This works when the main Windows partition resides in the _first_
partition on hd0 (address = 0x8000)

I haven't tried placing stage2 and menu.lst in the windows partition, if
that's what you're asking. I'll try it out and let you know.

Hope this helps,

  Vaibhav Vaish.

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