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Re: Parsing of Config files (was Re: GRUB installation thoughts)


>>>>> Fredrick Paul Eisele writes:

 FPE> I am just a humble user but seeing as Erich asked for what
 FPE> user's would like to see as enhancements...  I would like to see
 FPE> the menu.lst file be converted to XML.

I disagree, personally.

My reasoning is that the `menu.lst' is more of a script than anything
else.  I believe Erich has mentioned in the past that he wanted to
gradually add more scripting features to GRUB, which makes sense to

As far as scripting languages, GNU is settling on Guile, so I would
imagine that eventually, the `menu.lst' would either use Guile, or
have a Guile-like syntax, and be renamed so that there was no
confusion or problems with backward-compatibility.

 FPE> As there are several ways that the menu could be presented (as
 FPE> Gordon and Erich have discussed).  Maybe that problem would be
 FPE> best addressed external to GRUB proper (i.e. via stylesheets &
 FPE> whatever).

For a bootloader, it is debatable whether this kind of architecture is
desirable and low-overhead.  One should only be spending about 30
seconds in GRUB every month, IMHO.

A ``proper scripting language'' would solve all the above issues, but
at a lower level.

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