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Parsing of Config files (was Re: GRUB installation thoughts)

I am just a humble user but seeing as Erich asked for what
user's would like to see as enhancements...
I would like to see the menu.lst file be converted to XML.
I belive there are several efforts to provide general purpose
configuration file editors based on XML.

So, the floppy's menu.lst can look something like this:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<grub version="0.5.3">
  <delay>300</delay> <!-- in milliseconds -->

  <image "default">
      <title>Install Debian GNU/Hurd</title>

      <title>Boot an installed Debian GNU/Hurd system</title>

     <title>Install GRUB in the Debian GNU/Hurd root partition</title>
     <root >hd:0x63</root>
     <install>(fd0)+1 (hd:0x63) (hd:0x63)/boot/grub/fs_stage1_5 0x2000

As there are several ways that the menu could be presented (as Gordon and
Erich have discussed).  Maybe that problem would be best addressed
external to GRUB proper (i.e. via stylesheets & whatever).
This could even help with the issue of indexing the boot device, i.e. store
the "correct/consistent"  information and display whatever.
Thanks for listening

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