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RE: Gordbert, the evil HR director [was: Hurd PPP]

> So, Brent, you're free to tell us that getting PPP working is a
> priority, and I agree with you, but we simply don't have people who
> can work on it right now.  The only solution is to wait until some of
> the active hackers clear things off their plate, or else (better),
> find somebody who wants to get involved, point them in my direction,
> and let me figure out how they can help.
Well, that's the reason this is posted to debian-hurd, and not bug- or
help-hurd.  I don't want to place this issue in front of them at the moment.
I do not for a minute doubt that the core hurd developers are working hard
on critical issues.  And I do not for a minute think that they are ignoring
PPP for any reason except their high workload. :)

However, I stand behind my statement that for the Debian GNU/Hurd port to be
viable, we must have a means by which we can make internet connection over
analog modem.  Very few of us have access to a dedicated ethernet link or
cable modem setup -- analog is out lifeline to the Net!

What I was hoping to do was stimulate some discussion amongst us Debian
developers, and perhaps start some work on this ourselves.  We have some
quite talented people in our group (and I include you in that Gordon), and I
have some meager skills of my own that may be of some use.

The main problem I see is the lack of good hurd documentation.  I have read
the hurd manual, and I think that by looking at Linux's PPP and hurd network
server we can cobble together a workable solution.  (Obviously this will
need to be blessed by TB, Gordon, Roland, and whomever else we can think
of.)  However, it's not easy getting started mucking with the internals of
the hurd.  There is a severe lack of documents when compared to the Linux
Kernel.  I realize the reason for this, and I know that creating these
documents would in itself be a worthwhile project.  We just need to know
where to start.

In addition:
> 1) Learn Mach.
Could you provide some references?  Does Gnumach differ greatly from Mach 4?

> 2) Understand the existing pfinet server.
Absolutely.  That's the first thing to do...

> 3) Plan a way to implement PPP, and talk about it on
>    bug-hurd@gnu.org, where your design will be critiqued.
Egad!  Don't I get enough of that at work? ;)

> 4) Do it.

> > And that the end of this important message from Gordbert, who has now
> permanently and irrevocably identified himself as a management-type.
> ``Bah!  My disguise is ruined!  Curse Brent and his PPP!'' ;)
Aha!  My plan has worked.  Feel the sting of the harsh light of day,


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