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Re: Can I get a CD?

On Sun, Feb 21, 1999 at 08:59:45PM -0600, Christopher Palmer wrote:

> To the best of my knowledge, there is as yet no CD-ROM distribution of the
> GNU HURD. Is this correct?
> I have tried many times to download the 71MB tarball on the GNU FTP site,
> but the connection drops consistently, making things very difficult. I
> have tried both at work and at home.

Hm. Out of curiosity, where exactly is this, and what does it comprise? I'm
interested in trying out a GNU/HURD system on a box here, and I'm wondering
if this seventy-meg tarball is a snapshot of a live filesystem or something?

What's the most direct way to get a HURD system up and running from scratch,
assuming a clean hard disk with no OS installed, and assuming the existence
of another machine that can make boot disks from image files? (We can also
assume the availability of passive-mode FTP and of an NFS server, as needed.)

Thanks in advance for the information.

PS: Is it the case that without X, a GNU/HURD box contains nothing that
isn't copyrighted by the GNU project? That would be quite neat...

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