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A person replied in private email that EIEIO is a reference to the
song about Old Macdonald.

Well, I already knew that.  In Finnish, the song begins: "Piippolan
vaarilla oli talo, hiialahiialahei!"  The problem is how to translate
the error message "Computer bought the farm" in Finnish in such a way
that people will 1) associate it with the song and 2) understand what
kind of error it is.

Before I got the Hurd to boot, I translated the message as "Piippilän
vaarilla oli talo", "piippi" referring to beeps.  At that time, I
didn't know the Hurd could actually generate this error.  But it does,
so I now need to know the meaning of the error -- not just the meaning
of its name.

Similarly for EGRATUITOUS.

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