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Re: GRUB maintainership

Erich Boleyn writes:
> I'm nearly to a 0.5.1 (as in putting up some code this weekend sometime)
> which has several things that have been requested plus bug-fixes like
> some more consistent error reporting that Roland asked for.
> Another point is that I'm seriously looking at converting the UI
> entirely to a command-line (or at least having a pure command-line
> option) so as to be compatible with serial and even a net-console option
> I'm looking at.  The issue here is simply coming up with a good organization
> that is relatively convenient for experts yet not confusing to (and hopefully
> intuitive for) the end-user.

Please keep the menu style UI available, if only as an option. I have been
using it for a while now to boot between several OSs on my work machine,
and find the current UI very convenient.


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