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Re: updated base?

On Tue, Feb 16, 1999 at 11:16:17PM -0500, Ramon Crespo wrote:
> hello hurders ..
> im using the giant-tar to install hurd right now .. i was wondering ..
> what method did everyone on the list use to install hurd .. is there a
> newer tar in the works (bug fixes or whatever) .. im also trying to get
> this on the net .. like on irc .. ive been hacking around alot .. ill
> report my findings later
> but i must sleep now

Yes, I made a gnu-19990104 tar ball, but even that is somewhat outdated by
now. I will most certainly release a new tar file this month.

However, as matthew pointed out, you can get the individual tar files and
use my scripts. I am just uploading new scripts, so be sure to get the

Everything is on


and usual Debian ftp mirrors.


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