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Re: SCSI Problem with the MACH kernel

On Sun, Feb 07, 1999 at 01:04:48AM +1100, David Maslen wrote:
> Since you guys have done so much good work with hurd0.3 I thought I'd install it again.
> I decided to take the simple approach, and downloaded Marcus's gnu-19990104.tar.gz
> Well that all went fine, I made a ext2 -o hurd partion and untarred it.
> I booted using the hurd (which I already use for linux), and mach started up.
> Unfortunately after it recognised my aic7xxx driver, it identified my first
> scsi disk and just hung.


my kernel has aic7xxx driver enabled by default, so your only chance is a
kernel which has simply that and not much else. Note that Adaptec were not
good supported under Linux as well (thy conflict easily with other drivers).

> I reckon I've booted the mach kernel and the hurd on this machine before,
> so I think there must be something wrong with the specific kernel Marcus has packaged.
> Where can I get annother mach kernel to try. Or should I compile one myself.
> I'd prefer a precompiled and known good one, but if I have to do it myself has
> someone written a howto on how to cross compile it from my linux machine?

You can cross compile your own, and it isn't even too hard. However, it is
much simpler for me to compile you a special kernel. I will try to build a
kernel for you with only aic7xxx scsi driver, and little else.

Please remind me if you have not heard from me till tuesday next week.


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