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CVS GRUB is available

If you want to access the latest GRUB sources, please do the following:

$ cvs -d :pserver:anoncvs@anoncvs.gnu.org:/gd/gnu/anoncvsroot login
Password: [just hit enter]
$ cvs -d :pserver:anoncvs@anoncvs.gnu.org:/gd/gnu/anoncvsroot checkout grub
[and hack away at it...]

The big deal about this version of GRUB is that it understands
symbolic links.  My next goal is to fix the LS-120 problems, and then
I'll be releasing grub-0.5.1 (as well as Debian packages for it).

If you want to help improve the GRUB installation process, take a look
in the grub/grub directory.  I'm hoping to integrate the grubinst tool
that was floating around with GRUB's current install method.  The
basic idea here is to construct a GRUB stage2 that can run under Unix
(!), so that you don't need to reboot the machine to get into GRUB's

This crazy stage2 will also serve as a nice testbed for new UI and
scripting language development.  The way it works is by emulating the
PC BIOS calls in the current GRUB stage2 infrastructure using Unix
APIs such as libncurses and the C library.

Right now grub/grub/asmstub.c is totally unfinished, but it will house
these Unix versions of grub/shared_src/asm.S.  grub/grub/main.c will
implement a full-fledged GNU utility, with nice interactive and
command-line interfaces.

Now there's no reason why we can't make GRUB GNOME-aware. ;)

Have fun,

 Gordon Matzigkeit <gord@fig.org>  //\ I'm a FIG (http://www.fig.org/)
Committed to freedom and diversity \// I use GNU (http://www.gnu.org/)

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