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Re: Unwholesomely-Huge libc0.2-dbg Pkg

>>>>> Brent Fulgham writes:

 BF> Egad Gordon!  The debug-symbol libc package is too huge

Just followin' orders, sir! ;)

Seriously, though... Roland already reported this as a bug, and
provided some alternatives.  Joel Klecker (Debian glibc maintainer)
has modified the glibc-2.1 packaging so that it'll be much smaller.

Thus, my next upload will be more manageable.

 BF> Any idea how I can get this to work?  Is a "dpkg -x" under Linux
 BF> sufficient, or are there many install scripts that have to run?

-x should be fine... it doesn't have any install scripts.

There's a better workaround, though... don't install it at all.  You
don't need it unless you're doing glibc development work, and if you
are, you should be working from the latest glibc CVS, not the .debs.

libc0.2-dbg, libc0.2-pic, and libc0.2-prof are packages you shouldn't
bother with unless you're absolutely convinced you need them.  They're
a waste of time and bandwidth otherwise.

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Committed to freedom and diversity \// I use GNU (http://www.gnu.org/)

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