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Re: new hurd feature --boot-command, boot without a partition


On a related note, I still haven't been able to get `--chroot' working
on my home Hurd machine.

# mkdir t1 t2
# settrans /hurd/ext2fs --read-only -Tmach hd0s2
# settrans /hurd/ext2fs --read-only -Tmach hd0s2 --chroot usr
# ls t1
[full file listing, including the usr directory]
# ls t2
[hangs until interrupted]

I'm using the hurd-19981204-1 package.

If anybody has some quick answers, or other experience, I'd appreciate
hearing about it.  Otherwise, I'll just grab some of the more recent
snapshots and try debugging it myself (using Marcus' wonderful gdb

Between this and my work on GRUB, I think we're pretty close to
removing another hurdle (no pun intended) for wannabe Hurd users.

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