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Use report

For your pleasure that what the hurd report to me from the 19990104 tgz:

Simle :

 - libexe/rc : calls to syslogd and initd not valid (removed on my
 - /etc/fstab missing (for ext2fs ?? ) (add a modified version of my
Linux one)
 - cd let me go in directories (why not !! ;-) and normal FILES !!

Less obvious:

 - >ps
     ps: no applicable processes

 - >cd /dev
    ls: fd: Gratuitious error
    (I used MAKEDEV to create tty1 tty2 that I deleted later from linux,
Is it is the reason ?? I doubt !!)

-  my Hurd partition is 500 Mb
    >mkdir /hurd
    >settrans /hurd /hurd/ext2fs /dev/hd0s4 (my hurd)
    >cd /hurd
     not cleanly unmounted
     >cd /hurd/hurd
     vm_map ! no space available (3x500mb = 1.5 Gb -> Error ??)
     >cd /
     >settrans /hurd
     Device or ressource busy

Nice isn t it !!


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