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Re: Let's talk about intermediate release...

On Thu, Feb 18, 1999 at 03:18:53PM +0100, Farid Hajji wrote:
> > I have some free time now, and want to focus on an intermediate release of
> > Debian GNU/Hurd. No CD, no base disks, just the stuff on the ftp archive
> > and some nice installation instructions, to get developers on board.
> Great! I'm currently preparing a tutorial on Mach, Lites and GNU/Hurd
> for the german unix users group (GUUG) technical spring conference
> in Cologne, http://www.guug.de/ffg99/ due March 17th.

That's not too far from here. But unfortunately, I am moving flat, and can't
spend much time there. Amd just for your talk it's too expensive... (and the
rest is probably not exactly my interest).

> I do have the option to put Mach/Hurd on the proceedings CD-ROM until
> ca. 2 March.

That's a bit short... but see below.
> Since I'm trying to motivate people to write new Mach- und Hurd-based
> software, it would be good to provide them on the same occation with a
> working development environment...

Yes, a good idea.
> cross-gcc or cross-egcs packages [built for Debian/Linux]

We already have that, it is called "gcc-i386-gnu" and cross-mig is also
available. It's in the i386 tree.

Notice that this only works on i386.

> native-gcc or native-egcs packages

egcs. I am building clean one right now :)

> gdb

Available and installed.
> Very important for developers: _sources_ for gnumach, the hurd and glibc!

You can just fetch them from any Debian mirror, source directory.
> > Expected time frame: two-three weeks.
> Could an intermediate release be ready by March 1st for the GUUG CD-ROM?

Probably not, but you can do it yourself (we would not do a CD anyway).

I will try to help you in any way I can. First, make sure you mirror the
hurd-i386 tree from Debian, and parts of the source archive you want.

You probably want to make a huge tar file for installation. Get the
cross-install native-install dpkg-hurd scripts. Get the idiot's guide.

Then, try use the scripts. If you have questions, come back to me. Please
understand that I can't do the work for you, as I have little knowledge
about preparing a useful CD, and other work is more important, but I will
help you with the problems.


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