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Re: Let's talk about intermediate release...

> I have some free time now, and want to focus on an intermediate release of
> Debian GNU/Hurd. No CD, no base disks, just the stuff on the ftp archive
> and some nice installation instructions, to get developers on board.

AFAIK, the installation instructions (which I've put on www.gnu.org)
should now be up-to-date and correct. Please inform me of any corrections
> * GNU inetutils (coming soon).					[Marcus+ ? ]

What needs doing here still?

> * boot procedure (sysv vs bsd).

I'd personally prefer sysv here.

> * make sure network works.

I've not had any problems recently, though I've not tried ftpfs.
I'm going to work with Gordon on a hurd debugging server.



Elen sila lumenn' omentielvo

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Debian GNU/Hurd - love at first byte

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