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Re: runlevels

>>>>> Erich Boleyn writes:

 >> The kind of password I was talking about was a simple `boot
 >> administrator password', like PC BIOSes have right now, not a Unix
 >> password.

 EB> You could fix up the GRUB password feature easily enough.  If the
 EB> file is unreadable by any other than root, then your problem is
 EB> essentially solved.  This combined with disabling floppy booting
 EB> in the BIOS gives you a relatively secure system for lab-type
 EB> use.

While on a walk today, I realized that it may be possible to add BIOS
password support to GRUB, too.  In other words, have GRUB's password
either be hardcoded in the menu.lst file (as it is now), as well as
offering a ``same as BIOS password'' feature.  That would be nice for
eliminating yet-another-password.

I'll look into this, but I also wouldn't be surprised if BIOSes vary
too much and are too proprietary to support such a feature. :(

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