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emacs et al.


I have compiled and will upload emacs20 (sorry Matthew for beating you in
time. It was a boring package anyway, not much work to be done upstream, but
some nasty mangling with the Debian files necessary).

It should install okay (sort of). tsort spits an error message, it seems
that byte compiling on the fly does not work. Matthew, if you have emacs
knowledge, you may want to investigate this (or anyone else).

In any case you need emacsen-common and emacs20-el, too. Both are
architecture all.

During the build I noticed that xargs does not work. I have a good binary
here, fixed with a cludged. Better build a proper package of findutils...
xargs wants a limit for ARG_MAX but there is none. Ouch!

What else is broken? Don't know. Investigate. Test emacs, there should be
enough subtle bugs for everyone (I suspect no upstream bugs, but
configuration bugs or bugs in the Debian package scripts).


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