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Re: Installation experiences

On Tue, Feb 23, 1999 at 02:15:22PM +0200, Kalle Olavi Niemitalo wrote:
> The comments in the cross-install script were unclear about which
> perl packages are needed.  I then decided to download just
> perl-base, since it was so much smaller.  Apparently this was the
> wrong choice, as install-info needed ENOENT from POSIX.pm which
> was not included.  I was able to hack around that, but couldn't
> POSIX.pm be moved to perl-base?

I will clarify the comment.

# perl-base_5.00404, perl

really means you need both, perl and perl-base.

POSIX.pm will _not_ be moved to perl-base, because the whole idea of
perl-base is to have a small minimal perl which fits on the boot disk.
The right solution is to fix install-info and dpkg-divert (IIRC) not to need
ENOENT at all. Patches are welcome (not just hacks, we need to make IanJ

> GNUmach crashes on boot if I reboot the computer without pressing
> Reset.  Everything goes well until it should detect the network
> card (an ISA NE2000 clone), then it just stops.  The GNUmach
> image from the gnu-0.2 binary does this too.  Linux doesn't.

I had problems with my network card until I removed it. I have a cheap ISA
NE2000 clone.
> The ext2fs server was unable to mount my 3-gigabyte GNU/Linux
> partition.  What is the maximum size and will this be fixed?

Currently, there is about a 1 GB limit. Certainly this will be fixed, but
there is no one who I know currently working on it.

> Because of BIOS problems with the 4.3GB IDE disk, I have a
> separate partition for /boot.  In it, I have subdirectories grub/
> and linux/ for GRUB files and Linux images.  It would be nice if
> Hurd's /boot/gnumach and /boot/serverboot were moved to
> /boot/hurd/.  /boot/servers.boot could be in /etc/.

/boot/hurd is sort of redundant, because your configuration is pretty
unusual. You can help yourself by setting grub options correctly.

title= hurd (hd2s1 multi-user)
root=   (hd0,0)                              # SET /boot PART. HERE
kernel= /boot/hurd/gnumach root=hd2s1        # but real Hurd part. here 
module= /boot/hurd/serverboot                # I am not sure about this, though.

> The /info/dir file installed by base-files.postinst refers to
> "Debian Linux".

Bug reported. Thanks.

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