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Re: GRUB maintainership

>  EB> Anyway, I have the stage1.5/stage2 supporting the extended BIOS
>  EB> calls.  There are various solutions (such as hiding a stage1.5 in
>  EB> the area after the MBR but before the first partition) that would
>  EB> work well for arbitrary sized disks.
> Hiding a stage1.5 like that is my personal favorite.

I think that is a fine solution.  That's what everybody would do if it were
easy to install it this way.  Having any files in your regular filesystem
whose blocks aren't allowed to move without hosing your life, is a bad thing.

This gets back to a more general problem: it is way too confusing and
error-prone to install GRUB.  This could be addressed by floppies or
menu.lst files with canned install options, but I think the install command
just plain needs to get some less obscure syntax.

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