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Re: GRUB maintainership

> Do you guys have a "really-want" list?

Yup.  In no particular order, but all RIGHT NOW RIGHT NOW!!!! ;-} :

* Grok slice syntax (1-origin DOS partition numbers): hd0s1, hd0s1b.
  It is just too horrible to explain to the users how the syntax that
  gnumach and hurd use will not work in GRUB.
  The (,,) syntax is nice too, but I think everyone here is down with
  converting that to 1-origin DOS partition numbers too, cause that's just
  what everybody does for DOS partition numbers.

* Make completion complete!! (Aauugh! "Hello human, here is the one thing
  you could possibly type that would not make me barf on you; now you must
  type it!")  LILO pisses me off in this way too, but that is hardly an excuse.

* Newfangled BIOS disk access interfaces??  Is it just me, or did I *not*
  have this horrible agony with LILO or the {Free,Net}BSD boot loaders
  about whether my kernels are in the first half of my gigabyte disk??

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