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Re: Tagged paging area?

Roland McGrath <roland@frob.com> writes:

> With the new option you will do:
> 	/dev/hd0s2 $(add-linux-paging-file) $(default-pager)

This sounds just perfect.

> > Or should I just convert to disklabel?
> I don't understand how that's relevant.

Suppose I have these logical partitions:

hd0s5 = some crap
hd0s6 = paging
hd0s7 = important filesystem

and then I remove hd0s5.  Now the paging area becomes hd0s5 and
the important filesystem becomes hd0s6.  If I still have
paging=hd0s6 in some configuration file, I lose.

I was under the impression that BSD-style disklabels could avoid
this by letting me tag partitions so that their letters don't
change if I add or remove other ones.  Don't they work that way,

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