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Re: Use report


thianks for testing. Here are my comments:

On Tue, Feb 02, 1999 at 12:49:29PM +0100, mil Thomas MANGIN wrote:
>  - libexe/rc : calls to syslogd and initd not valid (removed on my
> system)

Yes, this is a symptom of a more general problem: We have not talked about
boot and init process yet (the Linux way probably does not map one to one,
although I could port init and login).

>  - /etc/fstab missing (for ext2fs ?? ) (add a modified version of my
> Linux one)

Yeah, this is a file that should be created by the install routine. Note
that e2fsck wants it to do check at system startup.

>  - cd let me go in directories (why not !! ;-) and normal FILES !!

Hey, it's a feature (no it isn't). I read some mail about this, a long time
ago. Please file a report to bug-hurd@gnu.org.

Does it also work the other way round, eg cat'ing directories? Probably.

> Less obvious:
>  - >ps
>      ps: no applicable processes

It works here in single user mode. I have to test this more. Can you debug
>  - >cd /dev
>     >ls
>     ls: fd: Gratuitious error
>     (I used MAKEDEV to create tty1 tty2 that I deleted later from linux,
> Is it is the reason ?? I doubt !!)

This is a "feature", that means, a low priority bug. It will not be able to
list all fd/1 fd/2 etc (any time soon?), but it should list an empty
directory... mmh.
> -  my Hurd partition is 500 Mb
>     >mkdir /hurd
>     >settrans /hurd /hurd/ext2fs /dev/hd0s4 (my hurd)
>     >cd /hurd
>      not cleanly unmounted
>      >cd /hurd/hurd
>      vm_map ! no space available (3x500mb = 1.5 Gb -> Error ??)
>      >cd /
>      >settrans /hurd
>      Device or ressource busy
> Nice isn t it !!

Wow. Strange that it doesn't crash :)


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