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Can I get a CD?


To the best of my knowledge, there is as yet no CD-ROM distribution of the
GNU HURD. Is this correct?

I have tried many times to download the 71MB tarball on the GNU FTP site,
but the connection drops consistently, making things very difficult. I
have tried both at work and at home.

So, I have a request. Could anyone please burn a CD with the tarball on it
and send it to me? I know this is an odd request, but I'm desperate to try
the HURD out and will gladly pay shipping, media and whatever other costs
the helpful person may incur.

Thanks in advance! :^)

---------(( Christopher Reid Palmer : www.pconline.com/~reid/ ))---------

              the characters i am, made into a word complete
                              -- Meshuggah

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