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Re: Let's talk about intermediate release...

     I'd be willing to translate it.  I'm much more comfortable translating 
     technical papers from German to English rather than the other way 

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Subject: Re: Let's talk about intermediate release...
Author:  Non-HP-mcv21 (mcv21@cus.cam.ac.uk) at HP-Vancouver,mimegw10
Date:    2/18/99 5:27 AM

On Thu, 18 Feb 1999, Farid Hajji wrote:
> Hi Marcus,
> > I have some free time now, and want to focus on an intermediate release of 
> > Debian GNU/Hurd. No CD, no base disks, just the stuff on the ftp archive
> > and some nice installation instructions, to get developers on board. 
> Great! I'm currently preparing a tutorial on Mach, Lites and GNU/Hurd 
> for the german unix users group (GUUG) technical spring conference
Great. Some of us would like an english version of that tutorial ;)

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