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+1 (autoremals are great, was Re: updated) 429 too many requests Re: Problems while searching for a new upstream version Re: Bug#958710: ITP: nss-tls -- encrypted glibc name resolving library which uses DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) Re: lintian: please downgrade mailing-list-obsolete-in-debian-infrastructure warning Advice for key format with Nitrokey Pro 2 (signing, authentication) Re: Announcing Debian Social Re: Bits from the DPL for March 2020 Re: Bits from the new DPL Re: Bug#927047 closed by Debian FTP Masters <> (Bug#959102: Removed package(s) from unstable) Bug#955462: ITP: memo -- unix-style note-taking software Bug#955464: ITP: ruby-linked-list -- Ruby implementation of Doubly Linked List Bug#955468: ITP: ruby-rspec-temp-dir -- create temporary directory for each example automatically Bug#955476: ITP: ruby-hrx -- a Ruby implementation of the HRX format Bug#955495: ITP: orthanc-python -- Develop plugins for Orthanc using the Python programming language Bug#955609: ITP: golang-github-valyala-tcplisten -- Customizable TCP net.Listener for Go Bug#955611: ITP: golang-github-valyala-fasthttp -- Fast HTTP package for Go. Tuned for high performance. Bug#955738: ITP: termtosvg -- record terminal sessions as standalone SVG animations Bug#955748: ITP: pydle -- An IRCv3-compliant Python 3 IRC library Bug#955754: ITP: libobject-pad-perl -- module providing a simple syntax for lexical slot-based objects Bug#955782: ITP: ruby-ruby-dep -- Creates a version constraint of supported Rubies Bug#955797: ITP: ruby-gem-isolator -- Use an isolated set of gems in your tests Bug#955803: ITP: bemenu -- Dynamic menu inspired by dmenu Bug#955819: ITP: sphinx-autoapi -- Sphinx AutoAPI provides "autodoc" style documentation for multiple programming languages without needing to load, run, or import the project being documented. Bug#955998: ITP: python-merge3 -- Python implementation of 3-way merge Bug#956033: ITP: idseq-bench -- Benchmark generator for the IDseq Portal Bug#956070: ITP: python-etcd3 -- client for the etcd3 API Bug#956072: ITP: golang-github-viant-assertly -- Arbitraty datastructure validation Bug#956075: ITP: golang-github-viant-toolbox -- Toolbox - go utility library Bug#956076: ITP: plakativ -- print poster from PDF across multiple pages to glue together Bug#956089: ITP: recan -- genetic distance plotting for recombination events analysis Bug#956113: ITP: pyqt5-sip -- SIP runtime module for use in PyQt5 and other projects Bug#956143: ITP: python-enmerkar -- Utilities for using Babel in Django Bug#956153: ITP: fierce -- Domain DNS scanner Bug#956263: ITP: onemkl -- oneAPI Math Kernel Library (oneMKL) Interfaces Bug#956264: ITP: onedal -- oneAPI Data Analytics Library (oneDAL) Bug#956303: ITP: apkparser -- APK manifest & resources parsing in Golang. Bug#956331: ITP: jekyll-theme-minima -- beautiful, minimal theme for jekyll Bug#956340: ITP: golang-github-scylladb-termtables -- Fork of Bug#956343: ITP: dateparse -- GoLang Parse many date strings without knowing format in advance Bug#956384: ITP: prinseq-lite -- PReprocessing and INformation of SEQuence data (lite version) Bug#956387: ITP: opensmtpd-filter-senderscore -- OpenSMTPD filter integration for SenderScore reputation Bug#956388: ITP: golang-github-avast-apkverifier -- APK Signature verification in Go. Supports scheme v1, v2 and v3 and passes Google apksig's testing suite. Bug#956417: ITP: parasail: Pairwise Sequence Alignment Library Bug#956453: ITP: libcyaml -- Schema-based YAML parsing and serialisation Bug#956455: ITP: smart-open -- utils for streaming large files Bug#956456: ITP: idseq-dag -- Pipeline engine for IDseq (Infectious Disease Sequencing Platform) Bug#956459: ITP: python3-favicon -- Async favicon fetcher Bug#956463: ITP: golang-github-la5nta-wl2k-go -- A Winlink framework for Go Bug#956478: ITP: ocaml-srt -- OCaml bindings for the Secure, Reliable, Transport protocol library Bug#956479: ITP: ocaml-sys-socket -- OCaml ctypes bindings to system-specific low-level socket structure and data-types Bug#956485: ITP: ocaml-unix-errno -- An errno variant that includes a variety of constructors Bug#956487: ITP: alcotest -- A lightweight and colourful test framework for OCaml Bug#956494: ITP: golang-github-bndr-gotabulate -- Gotabulate - Easily pretty-print your tabular data with Go Bug#956496: ITP: ksnip -- Qt-based cross-platform screenshot tool Bug#956500: ITP: node-bash -- Utilities for using bash from node.js. Bug#956546: ITP: json-schema-test-suite -- Language agnostic test suite for the JSON Schema specifications Bug#956547: ITP: golang-github-harenber-ptc-go -- A driver for SCS PACTOR modems for Pat Bug#956558: ITP: ylva -- command line password manager Bug#956562: ITP: ruby-rexml -- XML toolkit for Ruby Bug#956607: ITP: cachy -- Provide a simple yet effective caching library Bug#956628: ITP: golang-github-microcosm-cc-bluemonday -- Go library for scrubbing user generated data of unapproved html Bug#956632: ITP: python3-iniherit -- A ConfigParser subclass that allows inheritance. Bug#956634: ITP: golang-github-pd0mz-go-maidenhead -- Maidenhead Locator system in Golang Bug#956682: ITP: feedbackd -- DBus service for haptic/visual/audio feedback Bug#956705: ITP: python-pydiscourse -- Python library for working with Discourse Bug#956797: ITP: phoc -- Wayland compositor for mobile phones Bug#956836: ITP: bitwarden -- fully open-source, cross-platform password manager Bug#956839: ITP: kgx -- Simple user-friendly terminal emulator for the GNOME desktop Bug#956867: ITP: nmrpflash -- firmware flash utility for Netgear devices Bug#956901: ITP: nginx-confgen -- Nginx configuration file macro language and preprocessor Bug#956906: ITP: golang-gopkg-gorp.v1 -- Go Relational Persistence - an ORM-ish library for Go Bug#956909: ITP: golang-github-cilium-ebpf -- eBPF Library for Go Bug#956911: ITP: mercantile -- Spherical mercator coordinate and tile utilities for web mercator XYZ tiles Bug#956922: ITP: fsverity -- Userspace utilities for fs-verity Bug#956939: ITP: timekpr-next -- Keep control of computer usage Bug#956957: ITP: seaweedfs -- highly scalable distributed file system Bug#956960: ITP: squeekboard -- On-screen keyboard for Wayland Bug#958024: ITP: openapi-spec-validator -- OpenAPI Spec Validator is a Python library that validates OpenAPI Specs Bug#958026: ITP: swagger-ui-bundle -- This package contains the static files for swagger-ui as a Python package. Bug#958030: ITP: clickclick -- Utility functions (Python 3 only) for the wonderful `Click library`. Bug#958033: ITP: golang-github-rubenv-sql-migrate -- SQL schema migration tool for Go Bug#958042: ITP: connexion -- API first applications with OpenAPI/Swagger and Flask Bug#958072: ITP: xgboost -- Scalable, Portable and Distributed Gradient Boosting (GBDT, GBRT or GBM) Library Bug#958123: ITP: pyswarms -- research toolkit for particle swarm optimization in Python Bug#958139: ITP: vim-gitgutter -- A Vim plugin which shows a git diff in the sign column Bug#958146: ITP: jamulus -- real-time collaborative music session client and server Bug#958149: ITP: node-pause -- Pause a stream's data events Bug#958159: ITP: node-basic-auth -- Generic basic auth Authorization header field parser Bug#958162: ITP: golang-github-viant-afs -- Abstract File Storage Bug#958164: ITP: golang-github-josharian-intern -- Intern Go strings Bug#958168: ITP: golang-github-viant-afsc -- Abstract File Storage Connectors Bug#958172: ITP: virusseeker-virome -- Mine sequence data to identify sequences of microbial origin Bug#958176: ITP: elpa-pos-tip -- emacs library to provide enhanced tooltips Bug#958181: ITP: golang-github-viant-afsc -- Abstract File Storage Connectors Bug#958294: ITP: dmlc-core -- A common bricks library for building scalable and portable distributed machine learning. Bug#958295: RFH: clipit -- lightweight GTK+ clipboard manager Bug#958303: ITP: golang-github-containers-ocicrypt -- Encryption libraries for Encrypted OCI Container images Bug#958306: ITP: golang-github-fullsailor-pkcs7 -- Implements a subset of PKCS#7/Crytpographic Message Syntax (rfc2315, rfc5652) Bug#958366: ITP: python3-cleo -- Create beautiful and testable command-line interfaces. Bug#958420: ITP: ruby-jekyll-asciidoc -- Jekyll plugin to convert AsciiDoc source files to HTML pages Bug#958426: ITP: golang-github-containers-common -- Location for shared common files in repos. Bug#958440: ITP: packetsender -- Network utility for sending and receiving TCP, UDP, SSL packets Bug#958441: debtags: Please add Cobol language tag (devel::lang:cobol) Bug#958472: ITP: telemetry-tempest-plugin -- OpenStack Integration Test Suite - Telemetry plugin Bug#958475: ITP: murano-tempest-plugin -- OpenStack Integration Test Suite - Murano plugin Bug#958481: ITP: python3-yoyo-migrations -- database schema migration tool Bug#958486: ITP: python3-text-unidecode -- text-unidecode is the most basic port of the Text::Unidecode Perl library. Bug#958510: ITP: neutron-tempest-plugin -- OpenStack Integration Test Suite - Neutron plugin Bug#958516: ITP: asmjit -- Complete x86/x64 JIT and AOT Assembler for C++. Bug#958517: ITP: rabit -- Reliable Allreduce and Broadcast Interface for distributed machine learning Bug#958543: ITP: watcher-tempest-plugin -- OpenStack Integration Test Suite - Watcher plugin Bug#958555: ITP: authenticator -- A Two-Factor Authentication application Bug#958563: ITP: shellescape -- Escape arbitrary strings for use as command line arguments Bug#958567: ITP: barnard -- barnard is a terminal-based client for the Mumble voice chat software Bug#958570: ITP: python-edgegrid -- OPEN client authentication protocol for python-requests Bug#958648: ITP: opensmtpd-filter-rspamd -- OpenSMTPD filter integration for the Rspamd daemon Bug#958650: ITP: fp16 -- Conversion to/from half-precision floating point formats Bug#958651: ITP: fxdiv -- C99/C++ header-only library for division via fixed-point multiplication by inverse Bug#958652: ITP: foxi -- ONNXIFI with Facebook Extension Bug#958653: ITP: ideep -- Chainer module providing numpy like API and DNN acceleration using MKL-DNN Bug#958654: ITP: psimd -- Portable 128-bit SIMD intrinsics Bug#958655: ITP: pthreadpool -- pthread-based thread pool for C/C++ Bug#958677: ITP: keystone-tempest-plugin -- OpenStack Integration Test Suite - Keystone plugin Bug#958707: ITP: cinder-tempest-plugin -- OpenStack Integration Test Suite - Cinder plugin Bug#958710: ITP: nss-tls -- encrypted glibc name resolving library which uses DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) Bug#958715: ITP: dmx -- semantic web platform for knowledge management and collaboration Bug#958717: ITP: designate-tempest-plugin -- OpenStack Integration Test Suite - Designate plugin Bug#958740: ITP: heat-tempest-plugin -- OpenStack Integration Test Suite - Heat plugin Bug#958745: ITP: barbican-tempest-plugin -- OpenStack Integration Test Suite - Barbican plugin Bug#958752: ITP: puppet-module-tempest -- Puppet module for OpenStack Tempest Bug#958755: ITP: python3-swisseph -- Python extension to the Swiss Ephemeris Bug#958792: ITP: octavia-tempest-plugin -- OpenStack Integration Test Suite - Octavia plugin Bug#958806: ITP: cmake-format -- source code formatter for cmake listfiles Bug#958812: ITP: jinja-vanish -- Jinja2 environment for non-HTML auto-escaping Bug#958818: ITP: xnnpack -- High-efficiency floating-point neural network inference operators for mobile, server, and Web Bug#958831: ITP: libdevel-mat-dumper-perl -- module to write a heap dump file for later analysis Bug#958846: ITP: python-rx -- Reactive Extensions for Python Bug#958847: ITP: golang-github-bmmcginty-go-openal -- OpenAL bindings for Go. Bug#958854: ITP: golang-github-kennygrant-sanitize -- Package sanitize provides functions for sanitizing text in golang strings. Bug#958857: ITP: python-injector -- Python dependency injection framework Bug#958860: ITP: golang-layeh-gopus -- gopus is a Go binding for the Opus audio codec Bug#958862: ITP: goverlay -- Graphical UI to help manage Linux overlays Bug#958888: ITP: pytorch -- Tensors and Dynamic neural networks in Python with strong GPU acceleration Bug#958889: ITP: gnome-passwordsafe -- A password manager for GNOME Bug#958890: ITP: pytorch-audio -- Data manipulation and transformation for audio signal processing, powered by PyTorch Bug#958891: ITP: pytorch-text -- Data loaders and abstractions for text and NLP Bug#958892: ITP: pytorch-vision -- Datasets, Transforms and Models specific to Computer Vision Bug#958893: ITP: pytorch-ignite -- High-level library to help with training neural networks in PyTorch Bug#958897: ITP: mobile-datovka -- Czech Data Boxes client Bug#958906: ITP: pytyon-diagrams -- Diagrams lets you draw the cloud system architecture in Python code. Bug#958908: ITP: bgpq4 -- automatic BGP filter generator using IRR routing data Bug#958919: ITP: mpsolve -- multiprecision polynomial solver Bug#958984: ITP: python-drf-spectacular -- OpenAPI 3 schema generation for Django REST framework Bug#959012: ITP: golang-github-moby-sys -- Library to parse mount info and mount filesystems Bug#959026: ITP: ironic-tempest-plugin -- OpenStack Integration Test Suite - Ironic plugin Bug#959032: ITP: alertmanager-irc-relay -- Send Prometheus Alerts to IRC using Webhooks Bug#959033: ITP: golang-github-fluffle-goirc -- Event-based stateful IRC client framework for Go. Bug#959045: RFP: msbuild -- build platform for .NET and Visual Studio Bug#959066: ITP: amazon-ec2-utils -- Utilities to manage Amazon EC2 instance storage Bug#959084: ITP: cvise -- super-parallel Python port of the C-Reduce project Bug#959086: ITP: python-pebble -- Threading and multiprocessing eye-candy Bug#959099: RFP: core-setup -- Helper library for MSbuild .NET Core support Bug#959100: ITP: fractal -- messaging app for GNOME written in Rust Bug#959105: ITP: zmk -- collection of reusable Makefiles Bug#959121: ITP: qnnpack -- Quantized Neural Network PACKage (pytorch performance) Bug#959122: ITP: nnpack -- Acceleration package for neural networks on multi-core CPUs Bug#959123: ITP: fbgemm -- Facebook GEneral Matrix Multiplication Bug#959169: ITP: ruby-jekyll-polyglot -- Localization plugin for Jekyll websites Bug#959183: ITP: python-opcodes -- Database of CPU Opcodes Bug#959184: ITP: python-peachpy -- x86-64 assembler embedded in Python Bug#959204: ITP: rootlesskit -- Linux-native "fake root" for rootless containers Bug#959207: ITP: kquickcharts -- A QtQuick plugin providing high-performance charts. Bug#959209: ITP: manila-tempest-plugin -- OpenStack Integration Test Suite - Manila plugin django-bootstrap4 -- Bootstrap 4 integration for Django django-leaflet -- django-leaflet allows you to use Leaflet in your Django projects. Re: DKIM for Debian Developers Epoch bump for kcontact and kcalcore Re: Final Bits from the Outgoing DPL For those who want to keep on contributing (Was: Debian @ COVID-19 Biohackathon (April 5-11, 2020)) go-sendxmpp debian package preparations Is an init required to obey policy-rc.d during boot ? Is there any way to refuse Janitor changes in team git? ITP: django-bootstrap4 -- Bootstrap 4 integration for Django ITP: folium -- Make beautiful maps with Leaflet.js & Python ITP: golang-github-davecgh-go-spew -- Implements a deep pretty printer for Go data structures to aid in debugging ITP: golang-github-riywo-loginshell -- A golang library to get the login shell of the current user. known bad addresses Re: lintian Re: length of Debian copyright files lintian: please downgrade mailing-list-obsolete-in-debian-infrastructure warning Re: Mass bug filing: dependencies on dbus-glib Mass bug filing: dependencies on GTK 2 New lintian warning: mailing-list-obsolete-in-debian-infrastructure Debian Med Packaging Team <> Re: OpenStack release & Debian [was: What to do when DD considers policy to be optional?] Re: Overinterpretation of DFSG? QR code for receiving donation is non-free??? php-mailparse - new 3.1 upstream version - please build package for debian buster Re: PixelPlex listing inquiry (Debian consultants list) Problems while searching for a new upstream version Re: Python3 modules not built for all supported Python versions Question for status Quick Bits: ML-Policy Updates; Recent Progress of Deep Learning Packaging Re: Recommendations around Git Packaging in Debian Recommending packages via virtual package Results for Debian Project Leader 2020 Election Re: RFC: Standardizing source package artifacts build paths Re: Salsa update: no more "-guest" and more Source of shared runners containers used in salsa CI system Third-party forks of packaged projects updated Re: updated [request for additional groups/plots…inc. salvaged pkgs] Videoconference on Friday 2020-05-01 18:00 UTC (Was: For those who want to keep on contributing (Was: Debian @ COVID-19 Biohackathon (April 5-11, 2020))) Videoconference today 2020-04-17 18:00 UTC (Was: For those who want to keep on contributing (Was: Debian @ COVID-19 Biohackathon (April 5-11, 2020))) Videoconference today 2020-04-24 18:00 UTC (Was: For those who want to keep on contributing (Was: Debian @ COVID-19 Biohackathon (April 5-11, 2020))) What should I learn for applications befor, C or C++? Re: What to do when DD considers policy to be optional? [kubernetes] Work-needing packages report for Apr 10, 2020 Work-needing packages report for Apr 17, 2020 Work-needing packages report for Apr 24, 2020 Work-needing packages report for Apr 3, 2020 The last update was on 06:04 GMT Mon Mar 15. There are 436 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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