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Re: What to do when DD considers policy to be optional? [kubernetes]

On Saturday, 11 April 2020 4:45:08 AM AEST Peter Silva wrote:
> Debian policy is there to shape packages so they fit into stable. If we
> "know" that a package will never make it into stable, is Policy relevant?

Of course policy is relevant. Debian is not only "stable" but also "testing", 
"unstable", "backports" and hopefully "fasttrack" for those packages that are 
not in "stable" but (at least could be) _for_ "stable".

> Why have packagers do work that will be forever useless?

Nonsense. "Forever useless" is a useless exaggeration.

Even when package itself is not targeting "stable" (yet), it is still useful 
for ecosystem of depending libraries, if packaging is done properly.

Responsible maintainer is motivated to look after dependencies. The very 
distribution benefits from more maintainers collectively caring after common 
dependency libraries, build tools, supporting tools and procedures, etc.

 Dmitry Smirnov.


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