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Re: Recommendations around Git Packaging in Debian

On 2020/04/20 21:45, Thomas Goirand wrote:
> When talking about the south hemisphere, I always found it confusing to
> talk about summer and winter... What your recommendation? Only use month
> names?

Well, I live in the Southern hemisphere. It's winter here from June
until the end of August. Don't you think it would be confusing to many
people in the world if I used terms like "during this winter" in reports?

In a global community, it's better to avoid regional terms to describe a
period of time, even if that covers a very large region or percentage of
contributors. Otherwise it's possible to cause some confusion or to make
some percentage of people feel less included. And I 100% understand that
it wouldn't be intentional because that's just how people tend to talk
(especially in the US and in Europe), but I do tend to think that months
is just better all round. Some people like to talk about quarters (where
Q1 could be Jan-March etc), but again some people count quarters based
on when financial years start in their country (some companies I work
for start Q1 in March) so I'd even avoid that and stick with months
since that's the same everywhere.


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