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Re: trends.debian.net updated

Hi Lucas

On 03-04-2020 22:41, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> There are a few things that strike me:
> - first, one can see how the number of package in testing decreases
>   slowly during freezes, as broken packages are removed

And interesting to see that this hardly happened during the last freeze.

> - second, it's surprising to see how the number of packages has been
>   quite stable since the beginning of the buster freeze

I expect this to be the result of the Python2 support removal which has
caused lots of packages to be removed from the archive.

> I keep wondering if we should make an effort to remove from testing
> packages whose packaging 'style' is clearly outdated, such as packages
> not updated since 2004 ('beav' is an example)...

Is there something wrong with those packages? If so, what is it exactly?
You can file RC bugs for real issues obviously.


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