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Re: Is an init required to obey policy-rc.d during boot ?

>>>>> "Andreas" == Andreas Henriksson <andreas@fatal.se> writes:

    Andreas> Hello, FWIW I do not share Andrej Shaduras view on this. My
    Andreas> interpretation is basically the opposite. The invoke-rc.d,
    Andreas> policy-rc.d and update-rc.d policy mandated abstraction is
    Andreas> solely for the use of maintainer scripts in debian packages
    Andreas> (and should not be used by init systems or elsewhere).

    Andreas> Note also that the 'service' utility abstraction, which is
    Andreas> supposed to be for (interactive) administator usage also
    Andreas> does not care about policy-rc.d (as designed).

And note that all of the above is only for init scripts.
As an example systemd has a native interface for turning on and off
service units.
And a native interface for a sysadmin overriding that (masking).

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