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Bug#958295: RFH: clipit -- lightweight GTK+ clipboard manager

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

Hash: SHA256

I request assistance with maintaining the clipit package.

The package was previously maintained by Dmitry Smirnov, who gave up
on it at some point; I attempted to take it over, but with upstream
not taking care of it, and unable to fix bugs, I switched to diodon[1]
myself, so I’m not using ClipIt anymore, and I cannot take it over
upstream, unfortunately; I have too many other things on my plate at
the moment.

Parcellite, from which ClipIt was forked, had had some life breathed
into it temporarily, and I believe the annoying UTF-8 support bug has
been fixed, but otherwise it’s been equally dead upstream for years[2].

Diodon seems to be the least buggy of the three, and it also supports
images, which neither ClipIt or Parcellite do. I’ve been using it for
about a year now, and so far I’ve not had any troubles with it.

In the more than half a year since I orphaned the package (#941081),
nobody volunteered to take this over but since I’m still set as the
maintainer in the currently uploaded release, I see that people are
still using it and there are more annoying bugs than just what I

My biggest complaint about ClipIt was that since the last upstream
release it became very unreliable: items sometimes don’t get copied into
the clipboard, sometimes wrong items get pasted, and also it somehow
mangles with the selection making it disappear immediately in some apps
like GNOME Terminal and LibreOffice.

Since the upstream developer disappeared a year ago, there’s been some
user activity on GitHub, but nobody seems to have fixed the most
annoying issues.

The best course of action now would be to take this package over
upstream and get it fixed, or at least get it fixed in Debian. A
lighter-weight alternative would be reverting it in Debian (sans the
icon changes I made) to the previous upstream version, which, while less
performant, was much more stable. Another way of fixing this would be
removing clipit completely and recommending users to switch over to
diodon; maybe also automatically migrate them over?

If you intend to take this package over, please please make sure that you
actually can get it sorted, it is not a trivial job, as I have painfully
learnt myself.

As I described in #909309, given all this, I’m not very motivated to do any
work myself since migrating to diodon have got my clipboard preserving
needs sorted, at least for now.

 [0]: https://github.com/CristianHenzel/ClipIt
 [1]: https://packages.qa.debian.org/d/diodon.html
 [2]: https://github.com/rickyrockrat/parcellite/commits/master
 [3]: https://bugs.debian.org/941081
 [4]: https://bugs.debian.org/909309

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