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Recommending packages via virtual package

Hey all,
not sure if this has been discussed elsewhere, but I recently noticed
a change in APTs lookup for Recommends. Maybe also for other dependencies.

Many packages recommend a webserver like this:

> Recommends: apache2 | httpd

Apparently this no longer works. When I install a package like nginx
and then a package recommending a web server, APT will still try to
install apache2.

> apt install -y nginx
> apt install wordpress

I would expect APT to stay with any package that provides "httpd"
and accept the recommendation as fulfilled. This happens in Buster
and current sid.

The policy guide does not really mention this [1], but it certainly
worked before. And AFAIK it is a wide spread usage.

What are your thoughts on that? Is there any other thread
discussing this? The current bugs for apt touching on virtual
package don't really mean this behavior.

Markus Frosch

[1] https://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-relationships.html

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