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Re: Third-party forks of packaged projects

On Sat, 2020-04-25 at 20:31 +0200, Thomas Goirand wrote:
> If the library you need to package isn't needed by any other package,
> simply apply the needed patch and upload. Even better if it's only a
> build-dependency, in which case it wont ever be a problem.

This brings up an interesting question: are things that are build-
dependencies only covered by the no-vendoring rule? For example,
RapidJSON appears to be header-only (rapidjson-dev). If ADIOS ships
with its own copy of RapidJSON, does it still have to use the one
provided by Debian even though it will have little to no effect on the
final package?

> The other possibility (which is probably the best way forward) is to
> convince your upstream that he did a fork, and that it should be
> renamed
> to avoid conflicts.

In my case, I *am* upstream. So, for example, we forked enet and made
some changes to how it works. In that case, I could make a new package
called adios2-enet or ornl-enet, and depend on it for ADIOS. Is that


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