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Bug#958715: ITP: dmx -- semantic web platform for knowledge management and collaboration

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Juergen Neumann <juergen@dmx.berlin>

* Package name    : dmx
  Version         : 5.0
  Upstream Author : Joerg Richter <jri@dmx.berlin>
* URL             : https://dmx.systems/
* License         : AGPL
  Programming Lang: Java, JavaScript
  Description     : semantic web platform for knowledge management and collaboration

DMX is a software platform for collaboration and knowledge management.
 Knowledge is represented in a semantic network and is handled collaboratively.
 DMX combines interdisciplinary research with the idea of free and open
 source software to generate a true benefit for workflow as well as for social
 processes. The DMX user interface is build according to research in
 cognitive psychology and accommodates the knowledge building process of the
 individual. Instead of handling information through applications, windows and
 files with DMX the user handles all kind of information directly and
 individually. DMX's user interface is completely based on concept maps.
 DMX is especially insteresting in terms of self-hosting and data sovereignty.
 It lets the user keep control of their data. All data is stored in the local
 DMX database.

I am maintaining the package with backup of other devops at DMX Systems.
I need a sponsor.

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