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Re: Python3 modules not built for all supported Python versions

Hi Emilio,

* Emilio Pozuelo Monfort <pochu@debian.org> [2020-03-30 17:47]:
I've heard pybuild now has a cmake backend, so theoretically you could do
something like

	dh $@ --buildsystem=pybuild --system=cmake
I don't know if I'm missing an argument to dh_python3 so that it knows the
python version, or even if there's a better workaround. But perhaps pybuild
should be doing this automatically between the dh_auto_install calls so that
this kind of workarounds aren't necessary.

Thanks for looking into this and providing a patch!
I polished it a little:


and uploaded a working version to the archive. Will fix all ros-* packages now.

Cheers Jochen

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