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Re: Overinterpretation of DFSG? QR code for receiving donation is non-free???

Jeremy Bicha <jbicha@debian.org> writes:

> Let's say I take a photo of myself to include in an app so that users
> can appreciate what I look like. What is the "preferred form of
> modification"? If it's 15 years later and I no longer look the same,
> would I edit the photo with free software to make it look like me or
> would I just take another photo?

Or, another example that I can imagine plausibly arising in practice:
suppose a terrabyte of raw data was collected from a scientific
experiment or simulation in order to produce (among other things) a plot
in the form of a 100 KB image that it is useful to distribute in
documentation that goes along with some DFSG-free code. Clearly the
"preferred form of modification" is the raw data, together with the code
that processed it, but it seems unpractical to expect the maintainer to
go through a laborious process that perhaps even requires highly
specialized expertise in order to distribute the raw data and reassemble
the plot from it.

 -- Gard

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