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Re: What should I learn for applications befor, C or C++?

On Wed, 2020-04-15 at 16:05 +0300, Constantine Ryzhikov wrote:
> Hello.
> Today, my main programming language is Python. I have worked with
> other 
> programming languages.
> I'd like to become a stronger developer, and be able to write 
> performance code.
> I'm interested in developing applications for Windows and Linux.
> I was interested in C#. But this is not fully supported by Linux, 
> unfortunately.
> I hate system programming.
> What should I learn first? C or C++?
> Thanks in advance!

I would suggest learning C++ first. Although C and C++ both require
memory management, C++ does a lot of the legwork for you, and also
abstracts away a number of things that would have to be spelled out
explicitly in C (vtables, destructors, etc.)

By the way, C# has at least partial support on Linux, through the Mono

Happy hacking!


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