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Re: Is there any way to refuse Janitor changes in team git?

On Mon, Apr 20, 2020 at 09:54:23AM +0000, Paul Wise wrote:
> > To be clear about this:  The command line tools used by the janitor are
> > considered extremely helpful.  Lintian-brush became a fixed part of our
> > workflow.  But since we do it anyway automatically any extra merging or
> > checking for merge requests is just an extra step we would love to avoid.
> Would having the janitor commit directly be a better option? I assume
> here that you already git pull before doing work in case your team
> members did some work.

There was another hint to this possibility in this thread.  Well, yes,
it would slighly enhance things.  But it happens that someone is
forgetting a pull.  And even then, I need to check the routine-upload
script since its broken about injecting a "Team upload" if there is just
a new changelog entry.  I'm simply not motivated to spent time on this
since I see just no advantage on those commits for our teams workflow.

The Janitor changes are not exposed to the user before a package is
uploaded.  I just told that the said changes will be done before an
upload anyway.  So what exactly is the advantage to parse random
repositories on salsa and do changes that are not exposed to the user

I repeat:  Thanks a lot for the tools Janitor is running.  These are
extremely helpful.  Please do not do any automatic changes in our teams
git repositories.  They require an (admittedly slight) overhead we need
to do for no visible use.

Kind regards



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