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Re: trends.debian.net updated


On Sat 04 Apr 2020 at 08:17PM +02, Niels Thykier wrote:

> [explanation]
> Therefore, I would like us to acknowledge the fact that technical debt
> is doing harm in that it has a cost for our contributors.  But at the
> same time, I know it is hard to compare objectively to the cost of the
> alternatives (such "janitorial uploads to fix technical debts" or
> "removals").  If it was easy, we would probably have computed the
> optimal trade-off and solved this very old issue long ago. :)

Thank you for the explanation.  I agree that we should acknowledge this
cost.  It seems though that we have to take it case-by-case, and think
about how a particular way of doing things is causing problems for a
particular attempt to improve things, rather than having a blanket
attitude to all packages that haven't been uploaded for a while.

Sean Whitton

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