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Re: php-mailparse - new 3.1 upstream version - please build package for debian buster

W dniu 24.04.2020 o 09:20, Andrei POPESCU pisze:
On Jo, 23 apr 20, 17:48:00, Jarosław Kłopotek wrote:
I don't know is that good place to make an issue.
Please dump up php-mailparse to newly released upstream version 3.1.
You should ask the package maintainer(s) with Cc to debian-backports for
a backport to buster.
That version is aware of segfaults.
Do note that fixing bugs is generally better than backporting. Is your
issue known (reported in the BTS)?
Thanks a lot. I just tested that 3.1 version resolves all my problematic cases. It does.
Kind regards,
Please give me link to BTS.

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