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"Mass" (non invasive) NMUs planned to fix debconf translations broken in multiple packages /etc/profile.d Benötige eine USB Start-Disk(3,5´´Floppy) zum Start für USB-Stick Re: Benötige eine USB Start-Disk(3,5´´Floppy) zum Start für USB-Stick Re: [ Cross-distro meeting about application installer] Alioth is unreachable autopkgtest (was Re: Bits from the Security Team (for those that care about bits) before starting ... Re: Best practices for development workstations binNMU for Arch: all packages. Re: Bits from the Security Team (for those that care about bits) Bug#480925: blue-ray support in totem and others Re: Bug#566126: ITP: openpgm -- Implementation of the Pragmatic General Multicast protocol Re: Bug#605912: runit: Upgrade failure lenny -> squeeze Bug#608560: ITP: libcps-perl -- module to manage flow of control in Continuation Passing Style Bug#608562: ITP: libcatalyst-engine-psgi-perl -- Catalyst engine for the PSGI protocol Bug#608565: ITP: libmath-symbolic-perl -- module for performing symbolic calculations Bug#608567: ITP: libanyevent-http-perl -- simple non-blocking HTTP/HTTPS client Bug#608609: ITP: libpackage-pkg-perl -- collection of package manipulation utilities Bug#608632: ITP: haskell-cmdargs -- Haskell command line parsing library Bug#608656: ITP: rspec2 -- A Behaviour-Driven Development tool for Ruby Bug#608669: ITP: geiser -- generic Emacs/Scheme interaction mode Bug#608676: ITP: gimplensfun -- Gimp plugin to correct lens distortion using the lensfun library Bug#608709: ITP: discount -- Implementation of Markdown markup language in C Bug#608712: ITP: libjeval-java -- JEval is a library for mathmatical, boolean and functional expression parsing Bug#608824: ITP: libtest-html-w3c-perl -- wrapper for testing purposes around W3C service Bug#608825: ITP: libtest-mocktime-datecalc-perl -- fake time for Date::Calc functions Bug#608838: ITP: libhtml-template-pluggable-perl -- extends HTL::Template with plugin support Bug#608848: ITP: so-synth-lv2 -- A set of synthesizers for the LV2 plugin format Bug#608877: ITP: libtie-persistent-perl -- persistent data structures via tie made easy Bug#608880: ITP: libgeo-google-mapobject-perl -- code to help manage the server side of google maps api Bug#608882: ITP: libcgi-application-plugin-ajaxupload-perl -- run mode to handle a file upload and return a JSON response Bug#608883: ITP: libtest-cgi-multipart-perl -- test posting of multipart data Bug#608888: ITP: cmsmadesimple/cmsms -- Content Management System the way it was meant to be. Bug#608896: ITP: libtext-lorem-perl -- generate random latin looking text Bug#608897: ITP: libcgi-minimal-perl -- a lightweight cgi form processing package Bug#608899: ITP: libtest-image-gd-perl -- module for testing images using GD Bug#608910: ITP: osc-source_validator -- osc source validator Bug#608922: ITP: matlab -- integrate local Matlab installations into the Debian system Bug#608951: ITP: libfannj-java -- A Java binding to the Fast Artificial Neural Network (FANN) C library Bug#608997: ITP: libio-captureoutput-perl -- module for capturing STDOUT and STDERR from Perl code, subprocesses or XS Bug#608998: ITP: libdevel-checklib-perl -- module for checking that the availability of a library Bug#608999: ITP: libcrypt-dh-gmp-perl -- Crypt::DH replacement that uses GMP Directly Bug#609016: ITP: libpackage-stash-xs-perl -- Perl module providing routines for manipulating stashes (XS version) Bug#609017: ITP: mandelbulber -- 3D fractal renderer and animator Bug#609025: ITP: libdist-checkconflicts-perl -- Perl module to declare version conflicts Bug#609038: ITP: biomaj -- a biological databank update and processing tool Bug#609043: ITP: libstring-dirify-perl -- convert a string into a directory like name Bug#609057: ITP: gsh -- remote shell multiplexor Bug#609097: RFP: scannedonly -- scalable samba anti-virus module Bug#609121: ITP: nflog-bindings -- High-level bindings for libnetfilter_log Re: Bug#609160: DEP5: CANDIDATE and ready for use in squeeze+1 Bug#609172: ITP: libvendorlib-perl -- Package to enforce only core and vendor perl module usage Bug#609205: ITP: libtest-file-contents-perl -- Perl module for testing the contents of files Bug#609218: ITP: qsapecng -- a Qt-based Symbolic Analysis Program for Electric Circuits Bug#609221: ITP: PyTyle2 -- PyTyle2 is an automatic and manual on-demand tiling manager Bug#609278: ITP: Unity -- Interface for Ubuntu Desktop Edition Bug#609291: ITP: mangler -- A Ventrilo compatible client for Linux Bug#609295: ITP: naev -- 2D space trading combat game Bug#609424: ITP: libapp-perlbrew-perl -- script to manage perl installations in your $HOME Bug#609475: ITP: purity-ng -- A reimplementation of the classic "purity" game in Python Bug#609495: ITP: gridwars2 -- simple arcade style 2D shooter Bug#609499: ITP: jvyamlb -- pure Java YAML loader and dumper Bug#609503: ITP: indicator-application -- Application Indicators Bug#609521: ITP: piwik -- real time web analytics software program Bug#609541: ITP: libzeep -- XML Library for SOAP servers written in C++ Bug#609551: ITP: phoronix-test-suite -- a comprehensive testing and benchmarking platform Bug#609562: ITP: libconfig-merge-perl -- Load a directory worth of config files Bug#609575: ITP: kfritz -- Notifier and manager for AVM Fritz!Box Bug#609578: ITP: libindicate-qt -- Qt bindings for libindicate Bug#609625: ITP: nsscache -- asynchronously synchronise local NSS databases with remote directory services Bug#609626: ITP: libnss-cache -- NSS module for using local cache files as a naming service Bug#609634: ITP: tty-clock -- simple terminal clock Bug#609662: ITP: useragent-switcher -- extension to switch the user agent of Iceweasel/Firefox Bug#609667: ITP: server-spy -- display brand of web servers in Firefox/Iceweasel Bug#609712: ITP: drupal6-mod-statistics-advanced -- statistics_advanced modules for Drupal 6 Bug#609713: ITP: drupal6-mod-browscap -- browscap modules for Drupal 6 Bug#609715: ITP: drupal6-mod-mobile-tools -- mobile_tools modules for Drupal 6 Bug#609719: ITP: repmgr -- PostgreSQL 9.0 replication manager Bug#609723: ITP: pidgin-latex -- Pidgin plugin to display LaTeX formula in conversation Bug#609772: ITP: osmpbf -- Java access library for OpenStreetMap PBF file format Bug#609791: ITP: light-themes -- Radiance and Ambiance themes for GNOME desktop Bug#609819: ITP: drupal6-thm-nokia-mobile -- nokia_mobile themes for Drupal 6 Bug#609820: ITP: pyxnat -- interface to access neuroimaging data on XNAT servers Bug#609821: ITP: drupal6-mod-charts-graphs -- charts_graphs modules for Drupal 6 Bug#609823: ITP: drupal6-mod-swftools -- swftools modules for Drupal 6 Bug#609824: ITP: drupal6-mod-flashnode -- flashnode modules for Drupal 6 Bug#609826: ITP: drupal6-mod-views-charts -- drupal6-mod-views-charts Bug#609827: ITP: drupal6-mod-views-groupby -- views_groupby modules for Drupal 6 Bug#609834: ITP: deap -- Distributed Evolutionary Algorithms in Python Bug#609840: ITP: libitext5-java -- Java Library to create and manipulate PDF on the fly Bug#609849: ITP: nevernote -- An open source clone designed to interact with Evernote. Bug#609850: ITP: python-mongoengine -- A Python Document-Object Mapper for working with MongoDB Bug#609883: ITP: percona-server-5.5 -- Percona Server with XtraDB Bug#609885: Forwarding bugs upstream Bug#609893: ITP: sagan -- Real-time System & Event Log Monitoring System Bug#609901: ITP: libhttp-tiny-perl -- Perl module that implements a small, simple, correct HTTP/1.1 client Bug#610009: ITP: xboxdrv -- A Xbox360 gamepad driver for the userspace Bug#610120: RFP: inSSIDer -- graphical wifi scanner Bug#610129: ITP: jshash -- calculate secure hash algorithms in JavaScript Bug#610159: ITP: r-cran-gam -- Generalized Additive Models for R Bug#610160: ITP: r-cran-rjags -- R interface to the JAGS Bayesian statistics package Bug#610164: ITP: gmerlin-encoders -- encoder plugins for Gmerlin Bug#610165: ITP: less.js -- JavaScript parser of LESS "Leaner CSS" macro language Bug#610175: ITP: mudlet -- Graphical MUD client with fast lua scripting support Bug#610189: ITP: scolasync -- graphic tool to copy data to or from a set of USB storage media Re: Bug#610234: ITP: python-exif -- Python library to extract EXIF data from tiff and jpeg files Bug#610234: ITP: python-exif -- Python library to extract EXIF data from tiff and jpeg files Bug#610253: ITP: timeago -- jQuery plugin providing live-updated fuzzy timestamps Bug#610259: ITP: json-js -- JSON encoders/decoders implemented in JavaScript Bug#610284: ITP: tuxfootball -- great 2D soccer (sometimes called football) game Bug#610347: ITP: dipy -- toolbox for analysis of MR diffusion imaging data Bug#610356: ITP: lastfmlib -- An implementation of the Last.Fm Submissions Protocol v1.2 Bug#610358: ITP: pagekite -- Run public servers without reconfiguring firewalls or routers. Easy http, https and ssh tunnels to a public frontend. Bug#610392: ITP: js-of-ocaml -- OCaml bytecode to JavaScript compiler Bug#610459: ITP: trident -- An animation library for Java applications Bug#610470: ITP: geoip-database -- IP lookup command line tools that use the GeoIP library (country database) Bug#610477: ITP: libhttp-async-perl -- process multiple HTTP requests in parallel without blocking Bug#610506: ITP: ardentryst -- Action/RPG sidescoller, focused on story and character development Bug#610602: RFP: libanyevent-dbi-perl -- asynchronous DBI access Bug#610603: ITP: sra-sdk -- utilities for the NCBI Sequence Read Archive Bug#610623: ITP: nlopt -- nonlinear optimization library Bug#610653: ITP: dmtcp -- Checkpoint/Restart functionality for Linux processes Bug#610654: ITP: python-gearman -- Python interface to the Gearman library Bug#610661: ITP: luamongo -- Lua driver for MongoDB Bug#610673: ITP: techne -- programmable physical simulator and renderer Bug#610686: ITP: wxsqlite3 -- SQLite3 C++ wrapper for use in programs based on the wxWidgets Bug#610820: ITP: libio-socket-ip-perl -- module for using IPv4 and IPv6 sockets in a protocol-independent way Bug#610863: ITP: libtwiggy-perl -- AnyEvent HTTP server for PSGI (like Thin) Bug#610893: ITP: python-espeak -- Python bindings for eSpeak Bug#610904: ITP: libstarman-perl -- High-performance preforking PSGI/Plack web server Bug#610921: ITP: felix-framework -- The Felix Framework subproject Bug#610922: ITP: felix-main -- Classes to instatiate and execute the Felix Framework Bug#610923: ITP: felix-osgi-obr -- OSGi OBR Service API Bug#610924: ITP: bindex -- The BIndex program Bug#610926: ITP: bsaf -- Better Swing Application Framework Bug#610927: ITP: libnb-platform-java -- NetBeans Platform for building rich desktop applications in Java Bug#610980: ITP: opus-codec -- A standard track, low-latency audio codec Bug#611006: ITP: laditools -- tools to control and monitor LADI (JACK+LASH) system Bug#611018: ITP: zeitgeist-datahub -- event logging framework - passive logging daemon Bug#611023: ITP: gtk2-engines-oxygen-gtk -- A port of the default KDE widget theme (Oxygen) to GTK+ Bug#611042: ITP: ladish -- session management system for JACK applications Bug#611048: ITP: python-django-faincms -- Django-based Page CMS and CMS building toolkit Bug#611049: ITP: python-django-mptt -- Modified Preorder Tree Traversal Django application Bug#611133: ITP: iucode-tool -- Intel Processor microcode tool Bug#611148: ITP: urlrewritefilter -- Java Web Filter J2EE compliant based on mod_rewrite which allows to rewrite URLs Bug#611167: ITP: libfpdi-php -- PHP library for importing existing PDF documents into FPDF Bug#611168: ITP: libfpdf-tpl-php -- PHP library to use PDF templates with FPDF Bug#611178: ITP: undertaker -- static code analysis tool checking preprocessor directives Bug#611189: ITP: libmodule-metadata-perl -- Gather package and POD information from perl module files Bug#611207: ITP: libperl-ostype-perl -- map perl operating system names to generic types Bug#611209: ITP: libcpan-meta-yaml-perl -- Read and write a subset of TAML for cPAN meta files Bug#611223: ITP: node-expat -- fast XML parser library for Node Bug#611224: ITP: node-xmpp -- idiomatic XMPP library for Node Bug#611236: ITP: ttm -- TeX/LaTeX to HTML converter Bug#611240: ITP: libkohana2-php -- lightweight PHP5 MVC framework Bug#611246: ITP: ingen -- modular audio processing system Bug#611251: ITP: redlandmm -- STL-style C++ wrapper for the Redland RDF library Bug#611309: ITP: nepomukcontroller -- systray applet that allows to suspend and resume Nepomuk Bug#611315: ITP: channel-server -- channel server for XMPP-based decentral social networking Bug#611318: ITP: ltx -- XML DOM builder library for Node Bug#611323: ITP: step.js -- simple control-flow library for Node Bug#611332: ITP: libpod-wsdl-perl -- Creates WSDL documents from (extended) pod Bug#611371: ITP: eyes.js -- customizable value inspector for Node Bug#611378: ITP: vows -- asynchronous BDD & continuous integration for Node Bug#611391: ITP: cradle -- high-level, caching, CouchDB client for Node Bug#611400: ITP: wayland -- new generation compositor Bug#611401: ITP: libxkbcommon -- library interface to the XKB compiler Bug#611415: ITP: libnode-node-uuid -- simple, fast generation of RFC4122(v4) UUIDs in JavaScript Bug#611421: ITP: libencode-imaputf7-perl -- modification of UTF-7 encoding for IMAP Bug#611422: ITP: libmath-base85-perl -- Perl extension for base 85 numbers, as referenced by RFC 1924 Bug#611423: ITP: libmysql-diff-perl -- Perl module for comparing the table structureof two MySQL databases Bug#611424: ITP: libnet-nslookup-perl -- Provide nslookup(1)-like capabilities Bug#611429: ITP: python-django-websocket -- Websocket support for django. Bug#611445: ITP: haserl -- CGI scripting program for embedded environments Bug#611450: ITP: node-stringprep -- ICU StringPrep profiles for Node Bug#611500: Additional informations Bug#611500: general: Can't apply cursor theme changes Bug#611508: ITP: Sahana-Eden -- Free and Open Source Disaster Management System Bug#611621: ITP: daemontools-encore -- A collection of tools for managing UNIX services Bug#611641: ITP: fadecut -- Radio livestream to ogg/mp3 tool Bug#611651: ITP: libpod-wordlist-hanekomu-perl -- Add words for spell checking POD Bug#611660: ITP: tomb -- crypto undertaker Bug#611679: ITP: node-postgres -- PostgreSQL client library for Node Bug#611686: ITP: festvox-mbrola -- mbrola voices support for festival Bug#611690: ITP: nautilus-image-manipulator -- Resize and send images from Nautilus Re: Can insserv made better? Cedilla removed from sid, users complain CPE lists was Re: Equivalent packages between Linux distributions debconf translations broken in multiple packages Re: Debian Installer 6.0 Release Candidate 1 release Debian Policy "10.7.4 Sharing configuration files" question DEP5 CANDIDATE parser/editor/validator/migrator is released in libconfig-model-perl DEP5: "extra" fields compliant with the spec? [Was, Re: New version of DEP-5 parser] Re: DEP5: CANDIDATE and ready for use in squeeze+1 devel files and libraries in /lib Directories named after packages DiscussionsAfterSqueeze [ Was: how to communicate removals ] Does it matter that the squeeze installer... Equivalent packages between Linux distributions Forwarding bugs upstream The last update was on 07:27 GMT Sun Apr 22. There are 856 messages. Page 1 of 2.

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