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Re: DEP5 CANDIDATE parser/editor/validator/migrator is released in libconfig-model-perl

On Thu, Jan 13, 2011 at 03:53:14PM +0100, Dominique Dumont wrote:
> > Expected:
> > 'Format','Upstream-Name','Upstream-Contact','Source','Disclaimer','Comment
> > ','Copyright','Files','License','Format-Specification','Name','Maintainer',
> > 'Upstream-Maintainer','Upstream-Source' or an acceptable parameter matching
> > 'X-.*'

> > So it seems that the CeCILLv2 licence (sort of french GPL licence) [1] is
> > unknown of your software:) Add thoses licences to the licences keys whould
> > be a good things ?. At the end how many licences keys ?

> DEP5 model knows the list of keywords specified in DEP5 [1], which are the most 
> commonly used. There's currently a long thread in debian-project list about 
> managing the license keywords.

> In your case, either this keyword must be added to the list in 
> DEP5 or you can choose to ignore the warning. 

Please make your model recognize when a stand-alone license stanza is
present which defines a new license name in the file.  DEP5 is *not*
intended to have an authoritative list of all licenses in use, only the
common ones; still, we *do* need validating parsers to recognize when
there's an undefined reference to a license name that's not defined in the

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